Laura H. | Boulder

October-24-2022 Bark busters rating

We so appreciate Andrea and her skilled and gentle approach to training both our pup and us! In one session she gave us a foundation to start communicating with Lemme and redirecting her behavior. We are both relieved and excited have Andrea guide us. In one session we were equipped with the tools to address possessiveness, impulse control and pack dominance. This is the best investment we could have ever made in our little pack. Thank you!!

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Molly J. | Lafayette

March-25-2022 Bark busters rating

Andrea has been great with Penny Lane, and the results were instant! Andrea's love for dogs is apparent, and she is also clear with her directions and an excellent listener. We're incredibly fortunate that Andrea is our trainer.

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Rachael R. | Louisville, Boulder

September-02-2021 Bark busters rating

Andrea has been amazing in helping develop our relationship with our rescue, Ozzie. We were at our wits end when we discovered Bark Busters. Andrea has been attentive, supportive, understanding, and incredibly knowledgeable. We are now able to enjoy our time with our puppy without frustration and stress.

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Matilda W. | Erie, Weld

September-01-2020 Bark busters rating

Andrea has helped us change our relationship with our dogs in the best way possible. We actually understand why they react to things now and how to correct it! We have one dog who can be aggressive with strangers coming into the home. Andrea helped us work with him to understand what we need to do to make him comfortable and continue to associate strangers with good things. We can now bring people into our home with less worry that he will be aggressive towards them. Our other dog is a dachshund and loves the sound of his own voice, constantly barking at people walking by the fence, the mail person, any deliveries, etc. Now we are able to control the barking and he looks at us to see how he should react. We also worked on walking on the leash as he could be reactive when walking by other people and dogs. After only a couple sessions he is walking on the leash so much calmer and happier and I have the techniques to help calm him when other distractions walk by. Andrea has truly been a lifesaver and is so responsive, we look forward to every session with her!

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Sarah T. | Louisville, Boulder

July-14-2020 Bark busters rating

Andrea was amazing with our dog Hudson! After a year of aggression towards humans and dogs, Hudson showed immediate results from our first session with Andrea. She did a fantastic job of communicating with us as to why Hudson was reacting the way he was. Once we learned how to respond and act around him it was a complete game changer! Andrea was also extremely professional and courteous in response to COVID-19 social distancing, we felt very comfortable having her in our home.

Aggression Barking

Sarah T. | Louisville, Boulder

July-14-2020 Bark busters rating

Andrea was amazing with our dog Hudson! After a year of aggression towards humans and dogs, Hudson showed immediate results from our first session with Andrea. She did a fantastic job of communicating with us as to why Hudson was reacting the way he was. Once we learned how to respond and act around him it was a complete game changer! Andrea was also extremely professional and courteous in response to COVID-19 social distancing, we felt very comfortable having her in our home.

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Helen B. | Boulder, Boulder

June-08-2020 Bark busters rating

Andrea is wonderful! She was enthusiastic about meeting and training Rosie. I learned a lot from her on our first appointment, and am excited to watch the progression with her help! I highly recommend her!


Bailey D. | Louisville, Boulder

September-13-2018 Bark busters rating

Andrea is amazing with our new rescue, Cash! She helped us see things from Cash's point of view which showed us how to be better "pack leaders" for him. After just one visit, our pup is already able to spend time alone without constant whining or destructive behavior (he has bad separation anxiety), is no longer pulling on the leash during walks, and seems much more "at home" with us now. Andrea was truly the voice of our dog in the training sessions and we contribute our happy, calm pup to her dedication and training style. If you want a trainer who is knowledgeable, thorough, dedicated, and dog-centered, Andrea is your trainer! Bark Busters was the perfect experience to help our good boy become even better and we are so excited to continue working with Andrea in the future!

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Ryan G. | Boulder

October-10-2016 Bark busters rating

Andrea was amazing and had a great attitude throughout. She came over to help us with door training and leash obedience. We saw almost immediate results with our dog, and were fortunate enough to have a number of outside stimuli to test the training right off the bat. Two random strangers came to the door during our session, and we were able to put the techniques she showed us to work in real time, with great results. We also found a cat and several children on scooters while practice leash training, and Ruby was unfazed. Can't recommend their services highly enough, thanks Andrea!

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Taylor S. | Boulder

September-02-2016 Bark busters rating

Before Andrea started training me and my big ol pup, Norman (136 lb, 1 year old, English Mastiff) I was unsure of how to fix his behavioral issues. Turns out the ways I thought were helpful were probably just making his behavior worse and I was confusing him even more. Now with the help of Bark Busters training philosophy and Andreas patience and support, I can walk Norman around the neighborhood without him rushing/lunging at every person or dog in site! She taught me to be confident and guide Norman to correct/polite behavior. Walks are finally enjoyable and I'm not getting pulled across the street anymore or having my shoulder pulled like crazy. The trust Norman has in me is an awesome feeling and it just grows our bond more and more. The little tips and tools Andrea gives can and will make huge differences in your pups behavior. Plus she is a fun, loving, awesome lady who cares a ton about animals which makes working with her fun and rewarding. Thanks Andrea! You're a life saver!

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Anne T. | Boulder

July-14-2016 Bark busters rating

Andrea was amazing. After our second training session, I really felt like I could be a leader for my dog. Andrea is great at making dog owners build confidence in their dog training abilities. My dog has become so much better with other dogs (even though we still have a lot of work left to do!) and we can even get him to heel on most walks! The training methods seem to be working very well for us. We are seeing more and more successes everyday as we work with our dog using the training methods Andrea taught us! The training equipment provided have become life savers. Overall, working with Andrea has been a wonderful and well-worth it experience. It's hard to believe we have had so much improvement with only two sessions! Wish we found Andrea sooner!

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John T. | Erie

August-15-2015 Bark busters rating

Andrea is fantastic. Our dogs love her, they respect her, and respond to her. But more importantly, so do we humans. The training isn't magic, and if the humans don't keep reinforcing the lessons, the dogs will lapse into old behavior. But that's not a problem for us, because Andrea works on training US, our dogs. By teaching us to be better owners/handlers, she's giving us the skills and tools we need to have our dogs behave the way we want ! regardless of how long it's been since the last session. Over the last 18 months, we've learned that the Barkbusters techniques really work to train dogs, and Andrea's techniques really work to train us! I can't speak highly enough of the sessions we've had. We were immediately hooked and purchased the lifetime package after the first session with River, and before we even brought Odin home a year later. We've been through Humane Society and PetSmart classes before … but for these and all future dogs, Andrea and Barkbusters are where we're turning.

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Alexa J. | Boulder

July-09-2015 Bark busters rating

My two year old mini labradoodle, Bowie has suffered from separation anxiety since he was a puppy, but it got a lot worse when we moved out of state - he was unfamiliar with our new apartment and would howl and cry when we would leave him. Our neighbors weren't too fond of the noise and it got the the point that I would feel guilty for leaving him even for short periods of time. Bowie was immediately responsive to Andrea's training techniques - we worked on leash pulling, separation and barking at the door. I was so surprised - he picked up on the training within a two-hour lesson and was exhausted afterwards! We have continued to do separation training with him and we are finally able to leave the house with peace of mind! Thank you, Andrea!!

Barking Separation anxiety

Carrie M. | Boulder

May-29-2015 Bark busters rating

We couldn't be more grateful for time with Andrea! Having just moved to Boulder, our dogs were having a hard time adjusting to the new location and house. Barking at everyone that walked by, jumping on guests when they came into the house, seeking more attention from us than usual. Within the first 20 minutes of training, Andrea helped us curb all of these issues. She also helped train us (yes, the humans) on better walking techniques to reduce pulling during our walk/runs. We have some practice to do, but she gave us all the tools and tips we need to make progress! Andrea not only provided us with key training techniques, but also gave our little ones some training goodies to help on walks and help them recognize areas of the house (the doors and couches!) that we humans own. We are grateful for Andrea's time and guidance! I would recommend her in a heart beat if you need some help with your dogs. Thanks, Andrea! Q woke up today and listened to our every BAHH...then sat up right for about 15 minutes on the carpet waiting for us to tell him where he should be. So amazing! Thanks again! - Abbie & Q, Carrie & Dan

Barking Jumping up Pulling Recall

Coral R. | Lafayette

May-16-2015 Bark busters rating

Even though we have had dogs all our lives we got a new puppy last June that was putting us over the edge. LaRue is a German Shorthair who was VERY active. She ran all the time, jumped on everyone, counter surfed, dug holes, chewed up everything in sight, she even climbed trees! I was beginning to not even like her and seriously thought about giving her to a German Shorthair rescue. But after seeing all the dogs needing homes on their website and crying I decided that I needed to give her more attention and get some expert training. I called Bark Buster and the first visit was amazing. You could tell that LaRue respected Andrea from the very first visit, she really seemed to like Andrea, wanted to be around her but didn't jump. I signed up for a year training and Andrea has come to my rescue several times, weekly at the beginning now once a month, giving me tips, working with me, training me on how to control LaRue. She is a much better dog now . I highly recommend Andrea and Bark Busters

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Audrey W. | Louisville

April-08-2015 Bark busters rating

Andrea is great! Very patient with us while we are learning to communicate with Archer.

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Katie R. | Boulder

March-01-2015 Bark busters rating

My dog was immediately responsive to Andrea. From the beginning, we had immediate door "welcoming" training which has been needed. The leash training we received was unbelievable and I learned my actions are encouraging my dog to pull on the leash. It was amazing seeing with one visit that my dog has incredible leash skills. Great advice and guidance the entire time. We learned so much! I am a big supporter of the program.


S G. | Boulder

November-11-2014 Bark busters rating

Andrea did a great job explaining the Bark Busters technique. The technique gives us various tools for addressing our dog's barking, leash pulling, and pillow chewing. I was amazed how our dog obeyed us without us giving him treats or punishment. Our dog had fun and so did we. So far, we just had our first lesson, and we have been implementing what we learned. We have another lesson scheduled, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Andrea! P.S. Andrea is super nice, accommodating, and lots of fun!

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Lori N. | Boulder County

October-29-2014 Bark busters rating

Riley is 12 1/2 years old and Rosie is 2 1/2 years old. Both dogs are rescues and had a lot of trauma issues which manifested into barking/lunging at UPS trucks, school buses, at the front door and at the back fence. They both began lunging at other dogs when we walked them which caused us to hide behind bushes and run to the other side of the road! It was not fun to walk them! Andrea came to our rescue with amazing tools to help our poor pups! She is an leader and is teaching us how to be one so that our dogs will be able to feel safe with us and others. We are happy to report that we have seen wonderful progress...after 10 years, Riley is no longer lunging at school buses, Rosie is learning to walk on a leash without growling at other dogs and we are enjoying our daily walks!

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